Our Mission

The Autism Lab provides empowering resources to parents with Autistic children to help them be at their best.



It seems like Autism Spectrum Disorder is everywhere lately – the news, our favorite television programs, even our children’s classrooms. And considering that autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States,perhaps that is not a surprise. In fact, with someone receiving a diagnosis every 11 minutes, we can expect to become ever more familiar with autism.

But what happens when we become intimately familiar with it? What do we do when it’s our own child, or grandchild, or godchild who is diagnosed on the spectrum? There is no medical detection or cure. No one is immune.

Finding the best care and treatment for your beloved child is time-consuming, expensive, and ridiculously confusing.
That’s why we created the Autism Lab.
Because we are those parents — all of us.
We’ve spent the hours, days, months, and years pouring over research, learning the language of doctors and scientists, and attempting to discern the best road forward for our kids.

We’ve tried new treatments and therapies, some of which have helped, some have which did not.
We’ve advocated for our children in their schools.
We’ve prayed silent prayers for friendships, wishing and hoping for real connections.
We’ve cried with them, and for them, and for ourselves.
And we’ve been amazed by them. Humbled by them. Inspired by them.
And we will never stop. We will keep advocating. We will keep trying. We will keep praying and hoping. And we will keep dreaming for them.
We invite you to join us. Our number will only keep growing.
Tell us your story. Help another family experience a breakthrough, inspire them to keep going. Join the conversation.
We’re not offering cures or pat answers. We’re offering friendship. We’re offering the best advice we’ve received thus far. We’re offering the latest answers to your tough questions in one place. And we’re offering real. Real messes. Real stories. Real inspiration.
Because we — all of us — are the everyday heroes.

Jason Infinger

When AutismLab and AutismCensus founder, Jason Infinger, sees a need he cannot help but take action to meet it. An entrepreneur at heart, Jason started his first business at just 14 years old. But his greatest accomplishment yet is as a husband and father of two amazing boys.

November 7th 2012, Jason and his wife, Patricia, received a letter in the mail — their son had autism. As they sought answers and help post-diagnosis, they were shocked at how little support there was for the parents of children with autism. Ever the creative problem solver, Jason took action once again — planning, collaborating, and executing those plans to create the kind of autism support he knew the world needed.

Jason is currently working towards the launch of the Autism Answers Report and strives to continue providing resources to empower parents to be their absolute best.