Empowering Parents

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Why we do it

It's Personal

First and foremost, we personally know the need for getting real answers to tough questions and a finding supportive community. When our son was diagnosed with Autism, we found the lack of support for parents and families appalling and we knew we had to do something. So we did.

Autism Isn’t Going Anywhere

Every 11 minutes, someone receives a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Meaning more and more families are wading through the emotions, the paperwork, and the meltdowns. More and more families need answers, and they need the authentic understanding that only another family affected by autism can offer.

Our Kids Deserve Our Best

We believe in empowering parents so they can be their best for their children and themselves.

Get valuable information and support our cause

AUTLAB Prime is the informed community you’ve been asking for. It’s moms and dads, families and teachers, looking to stay connected — both to one another and to the latest information on Autism. As a member of this community, you will not only have access to curated reports, expert advice, and current news — you will also be supporting new research for breakthroughs in Autism.

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